Setting it up is easy. Here's how:

If you already have a custom form on your site, follow the instructions below to get a better understanding of some concepts and how to integrate Formette.


1. Setup the HTML form

Change your Action form to the endpoint provided on the Formette platform. As the example below shows.

2. Add a name attribute to every field

It is important to ensure all <input>, <select> and <textarea> elements inside your form have a name attribute, otherwise you will not receive the data filled in these fields.

3. Submit the form

If you want to test, submit a data in the form of your site and check the data in the platform Formette.

4. All set, receive submissions

From now on, every time someone submits one of your forms, we'll store the data in a safe place for you, where you can manage it any way you want.

For more advanced and detailed instructions, see our guides, where we clarify several doubts, tutorials in different functionalities in our platform


Uses & Examples

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