In this section you can find all the frequently asked questions, if you have any questions that are not present here, please send us an email to [email protected]

Can anyone access my forms and my submission datas?

No, no one can access your information, your data, nor your forms nor edit them, only you can control your content.

How much does it cost?

For now, Formette costs nothing, we are in beta, we are so because we want to make the best product possible and we want to have the feedback of our users, from the moment we are satisfied we will launch a set of plans.

Can I cancel my premium plan anytime?

When we have our pricing model implemented, you will have every chance to cancel your plan and return to a normal account.

What if I need more form processing than the premium plan offers?

If you need more capacity you will be alerted that you have reached your limit with your current account, you can upgrade if you want, if you do not update your account, only data submission will be disabled until you have space again.

How to I upgrade to Premium

coming soon

Do you have any guides or documentation for Formette?

Yes, we have documentation for all the features in our service and we are constantly improving the content of our documentation. Can be seen here.

Can I export my form data?

coming soon

Can I get notified when there's a submission?

coming soon



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